modern furniture

and cabinets, designed

and handcrafted to

be remarkable

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Design that speaks of your identity.

Design that evokes fond feelings.

Design with a narrative.



We are like trees.


The tree eats carbon dioxide and returns to us the very breath and energy of life – oxygen. The cracks tell the story of what it has endured to give us life. It has been tried, but it didn’t break. Those cracks enhance its beauty and therefore, its value.

As I see it, you and I are like trees, with limbs, born with a purpose.

We too have to endure hard trials so that we may give oxygen to others – the lessons and insights gained throughout our life’s journey.




No walk-ins. The process starts in your home. There we listen to the voice of the space for design guidance that invites the presence of divine energy and experiences.

See f.a.q. for answers to common questions.