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Creative Destruction

Creative destruction is a process through which something new brings about the demise of whatever existed before it. Does this explain the current flux of worldly affairs? It certainly explains our design philosophy. #thenewfuturelooksbright.

The Meaning of Paul Rene

We are not in the cabinet business. We do not design for utility. We design and manufacture art for a strong emotional connection. Our custom furniture and custom cabinets express our client's internal reality - their values, motives and unique perspectives.

Lots of work and few qualified laborers

The labor pool here is decimated. The trades are no longer exposed to youngsters in high school. Neither do we see artisan or craftsmen on the big or little screen. Making things is just not cool, not attractive to far too many Americans. So what does this mean for the custom consumer, in a booming Phoenix economy? Longer wait times. Fortunately our exciting work is worth the wait.

Styling trends

Traditional and contemporary styling are hot and it appears that these trends are really just getting started. Were all seeking less clutter or visual information. Nothing is more perfect than shaker and flat panel doors, which also come with the added benefit of ease of cleaning. Lights are also everywhere, from the toe kick, to inside the drawers, to being recessed in shelving and counter tops. For Paul Rene, our challenge is to always find something new.

Custom furniture design and manufacturing

CHOOSING THE  RIGHT CUSTOM FURNITURE DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING COMPANY. There are generally two types and they reflect the population as a whole - those that take risks by pushing aesthetic boundaries and those who work within trends or, as known in the design world, those that design and build variations on a trend. Apple Innovates. Samsung, although claiming ‘the next big thing’, offers a good variation of Apple’s innovations. Innovators can do both - push the boundaries and dial back to the trend. The other will struggle to offer a choice. Paul Rene innovates.

Politely, we do not work with everyone and neither should you.

If you’re looking for unique, one-off, custom design that transforms your house into a remarkable home, begin here.