Pivoting from furniture to mask making

April 16, 2020
We couldn’t find protective masks for our team, so we partnered with local fashion designer Mirembe Tendaji, to manufacture our own. With a single social media post, orders poured in from across the country. Some bought to donate to the most vulnerable. In addition to hiring a few sewists, a couple of bored teenagers unable to attend school received training to assist in the effort. It’s beautiful to experience what ordinary Americans can do when our backs are up against the wall.

Coincidence or providence?
Coincidence or providence?



The age of social distancing.

In this new normal, home becomes the temple where the souls of our loved ones find comforting communion.


No walk-ins. The process starts in your home. There we listen to the voice of the space for design guidance that invites the presence of divine energy and experiences.

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