Custom Made Furniture.

Experience the uplift of the highest forms of design.


Whatever your style; transitional, modern, contemporary or industrial rustic, we design to reflect your styling preferences.


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Spaces we often want to experience: Beyond just furniture and cabinets, we translate your needs and wants, to function to amaze.


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Eliminate purchasing mistakes: Context influences the uncommon nature of a Paul Rene design. We consider your room.


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Distinguished: The things that you furnish your home with, speak of an aspect of you. If your home is remarkable, you’re also perceived as such.


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STEP 1: Listening is the core skill that enables Paul Rene to consistently produce uncommon designs. During consultation, we tune in to become one with the client’s ideas and the voice of the space. We then synthesize these two components, using our signature Indigo Blue design development technique. The results are always captivating.







STEP 2: DESIGN development: artful synthesis of your ideas.

STEP 3: experience VIRTUAL reality

STEP 4: in the ARTISAN'S hands

Home: surrounded by loved ones and fascinating furnishings that tell the first story.

Politely, we do not work with everyone and neither should you.

If you’re looking for unique, one-off, custom design that transforms your house into a remarkable home, begin here.