Our Design Philosophy


is rooted in past experiences. Since my youth, my life journey has been enriched through spiritual teachings that shape the lens through which I view, understand, and interact with the world of art and design. The centerpiece of that learning is peace – living in harmony with oneself and the natural laws governing our earthly home.


Paul Rene merges your personality with the voice of your environment to create bespoke metaphors that elegantly reflect your homescape. This alchemy of furniture as art makes our custom work simply transcendent.


Step 1. Design Discovery

Combine customer beauty ideals + Paul Rene design principles

Step 2. Prototype

Print a 3D prototype using virtual reality software

design philosophy

Step 3. Transform

Refine raw materials

design philosophy

Step 4. Deliver

Experience heirloom quality furniture

design philosophy

At Paul Rene, we craft more than simple furniture; we create experiences for our clients. That experience begins with a cup of coffee at Paul’s favorite hip cafe in Phoenix’s burgeoning downtown Arts District to determine if our values and work style mesh with your lifestyle and expectations.

Can Paul buy you a cup of coffee?

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