The KALLOS Collection:

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My journey from a designer to an artist has been a transformative one. The artist’s highest calling is to create art that inspires and conveys eternal truths and principles. The medium through which I strive to fulfill this duty is Kallos, our unique debut collection that draws deeply from the profound wisdom of ancient Greece.


Greek philosophers used Kallos to describe a harmonious blend of outward appearance and the soul’s virtues.


When we yearn for a sanctuary of peace, comfort, and well-being in our homes, we instinctively turn to Kallos – a source of illumination, beauty, and harmony.



Atlas bookshelf

The mellow sienna of the Sonoran desert floor and dusty Sonoran desert sage become the color basis of our Atlas Bookshelf. In Greek mythology, Atlas was the bearer of the heavens and carried the world on his back. Our Atlas bookshelf is a heritage piece that will carry the world’s weight in knowledge(books) for your family or colleagues. 

spec sheet_ATLAS.pdf



Paul Rene Kallos Collection

Demeter buffet

The Ancient Greek goddess, Demeter, had many attributes, including her designation as goddess of the harvest and agricultural fertility. Our Demeter buffet is the perfect color translation of a Sonoran landscape and will subtly contribute to your dining room, where you display your family’s harvest. 

spec sheet_DEMETER.pdf



Paul Rene Kallos Collection

Adonis coffee table with Aphrodite sofa


The Adonis Coffee Table and Aphrodite Sofa form the perfect partnership. In Greek mythology, Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, was united with the mortal Adonis, whom the ancient Greeks considered the ultimate example of male beauty. In our modern translation of this love story, the colors of the dusty Desert sage marry well on the Aphrodite sofa. At the same time, the Adonis coffee table reflects the burnt sienna mountainscape of the Sonoran desert. Like their namesakes, these two pieces marry well in any contemporary space. 

spec sheet_ADONIS.pdf




Paul Rene Kallos Collection


Motion by design



Motion is the essence of life and the first principle of the universe. When light from the sun touches the planets, they evolve as they rotate around the sun. Without this guiding light, all living things lose their path and cease to float.


View the video to learn more about the Kallos Collection’s uncommon beauty and its meaning to your home.




Thea bench


The vibrant sea glass green of the iconic Saguaro cactus becomes part of our Thea bench; we constructed this elegant bench out of three elements: Saguaro cactus green, Plexiglass, walnut, and stainless steel. Thea is the Greek goddess of sight and vision and is also the goddess who endowed gold, silver, and gems with their brilliance and intrinsic value. Our Thea bench is a fine addition to any understated contemporary environment with its elegant, sleek lines and low profile.

spec sheet_THEA-BENCH.pdf


paul rene kallos collection

Athena Desk

Athena was the goddess of wisdom, crafts, and skilled peacetime pursuits. Our Athena desk features clear Plexiglass and Mexican Teak to translate the clear sky over the Sonoran desert. The Athena desk is the perfect place to pursue your crafts and peacetime pursuits and develop your wisdom.

spec sheet_ATHENA.pdf



Paul Rene Kallos Collection

Phoebe Desk


In ancient Greek religion and mythology, Phoebe had a remarkable CV. She was not only the goddess of bright intellect but was one of the first generation of Titans, one set of sons and daughters of Uranus and Gaia. Phoebe was also the grandmother of the sun god Apollo, the moon goddess Artemis, and the witchcraft goddess Hecate. According to the myth, she was the original owner of the site of the Oracle of Delphi before gifting it to her grandson Apollo. Her name, “bright,” was also given to several lunar goddesses such as Artemis and later the Roman goddesses Luna and Diana. Our Phoebe desk reflects the warm strength of a rock formation in the Sonoran desert. With our Phoebe desk, there is no doubt you will access your brightest intellect.

spec sheet_PHOEBE.pdf



Apolla music console

Apollo was the Greek god of artistic knowledge, logic, reason, education, youth, and music. Our Apollo Music Console is a fresh and dynamic take on subtly integrating your music into your homescape. Our console contains a record player drawer, speaker cabinet, and plenty of space for storing your vinyl. The design abstractly reflects the mountain ridges of the Sonoran desert.  




paul rene kallos collection

Harmonia dining table with Alikos chair

In Greek, Alikos means crimson, scarlet, or deep red. In the Sonoran desert, the powdery red of the mallow flower, claret cup cactus, prickly pear, and coral gilia flower translates well to the discreet underside of our elegant Alikos chair in white and red leather with a walnut frame. This chair is the perfect stand-alone accent piece but also partners well with our Harmonia dining table. Harmonia is the Greek goddess of peace, unity & order; what more could we ask for at the dinner table? 

spec sheet_HARMONIA-with-ALIKOS.pdf



Paul Rene Kallos Collection

Orpheus chair


Our Orphesus chair, with its classical lines and backrest redolent of a classical stringed instrument, works well as an occasional chair or a set accompanying your dining table. Available in three colorways: Cherry Wood + Wenge strings and sabots + Creme leather, Walnut + Maplw strings and sabots + Noir leather, and Ceruse Oak + Creme leather. All colorways reflect the Sonoran Desert splendor. 

spec sheet_ORPHEUS.pdf




paul rene kallos collection



“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.” – Herman Melville.


Each of the nineteen Kallos collection pieces is meticulously handcrafted, numbered, and signed by Paul. Each piece is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity finished with a wax seal created by a 159-year-old Dutch wax-seal-making boutique. From end to end, the Kallos collection defines heritage.


Accept no imitations. For sales call: 808.896.1676.







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