Our Design Philosophy


has been enriched through spiritual teachings that shaped the lens through which I view, understand, and interact with the world of art and design. Since my youth, the centerpiece of that learning has been achieving peace—living in harmony with oneself and the natural laws governing our earthly home.


Paul Rene’s unique approach merges your ideas within the context of your surroundings. The key to our alchemy is engagement. When the conversation is safe for the client to express their ideas without fear of judgment, the designer-client chemistry produces harmony—furniture that harmonizes with the environment that makes the room work.


Step 1. Design Discovery

Combine customer beauty ideals + Paul Rene design principles

Step 2. Prototype

Print a 3D prototype using virtual reality software

design philosophy

Step 3. Transform

Refine raw materials

design philosophy

Step 4. Deliver

Experience heirloom quality furniture

design philosophy

Welcome to Paul Rene. Custom-made modern furniture is deeply personal, so we eschew the traditional showroom because we do not repeat designs. The uniqueness of the luxury artistic and handcrafted furniture that we do for you reflects your oneness, which has no copy.

Understanding you best happens in your home, your showroom.

Virtual appointments are available. 602.282.3396