The Paul Rene KALLOS collection

November 14, 2023
Athena-Desk-kallos collection
It is not only what you can measure that counts but what you can imagine. At Paul Rene, we have created a furniture collection based on nature’s limitless creative capacity and the wisdom of ancient Greece. The ancient Greeks believed beauty consisted of three major components: symmetry, proportion, and harmony-at Paul Rene, we share these values and endeavor to incorporate them into each of our designs. Symmetry and proportion are the design basics that create harmony. Harmony is inherent to nature, and artists have sought to achieve harmony in their creative work for millennia. Harmony, though desired by many, is mastered by few. At Paul Rene, we have mastered harmony and translated the natural beauty and color palette of the American Southwest into our latest furniture series, which we call, Kallos. In ancient Greece, Kallos referred only to outward beauty. However, from the sixth century BC onwards, the Greek philosophers referred to Kallos as a combination of physical appearance and virtues of the soul. To this day, the concept of Kallos continues to impact our notions of aesthetic beauty and inner harmony. We seek Kallos when we yearn for peace, comfort, and a sense of well-being in our homes.

What was my Hollywood experience like?
What was my Hollywood experience like?


“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.”

 -Hermann Melville.


The Paul Rene KALLOS collection.


The ancient Greeks had a word for beauty: Kallos. Our much-anticipated, signed, and numbered limited-edition line will soon be available to our exclusive subscribers. The authentic KALLOS line is available only via Paul Rene Custom Modern Furniture, our affiliated showrooms, and we offer each client a signed certificate of authenticity.

Accept no imitations.


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