We are like trees.

March 7, 2021
paul jeffrey cutting wood in shop
We are like trees. The tree eats carbon dioxide and returns to us the very breath and energy of life – oxygen. The cracks tell the story of what it has endured to give us life. It has been tried, but it didn’t break. Those cracks enhance its beauty and therefore, its value. As I see it, you and I are like trees, with limbs, born with a purpose. We too have to endure hard trials so that we may give oxygen to others – the lessons and insights gained throughout our life’s journey.

Pivoting from furniture to mask making $15 minimum wage; a deficit of empathy?
Pivoting from furniture to mask making
$15 minimum wage; a deficit of empathy?



is rooted in past-to-present experiences. Since youth, our journey has been enriched through spiritual teachings that shape the lens through which we view, understand, and interact with today’s world of art and design. The centerpiece of that learning is peace – living in harmony with oneself and the natural laws governing our earthly home is vital to its acquirement. 

When we invite this blueprint into our lifestyle, we also embrace harmony for ourselves, including our surroundings—taking our way of life to a higher realm. 

Merging your personality with the voice of your environment manifests an innovative art form that reflects you. The shapes are you. The colors are you. The details and dimensions tell your story. 


This is the ALCHEMY OF ART that makes our custom work transcendent.












Along with your ideas, design inspiration comes from listening to the voice of your space. Consultations can be conducted in person or via Zoom. Within 24 hours of receiving your information, we’ll contact you to schedule your appointment.