Your Home, Your Showroom


At Paul Rene, we redefine the concept of a traditional showroom. Your home is the ultimate canvas for self-expression, so we bring our easel directly to it.


There, we feel your home’s vibe and there, we gain valuable insight into your functional needs, styling preferences, and even the subtle nuances of your personality. At our custom furniture design studio in downtown Phoenix’s burgeoning arts district, we dialogue with these inputs until a fascinating work of art emerges.


But don’t worry. Some of our limited-edition furniture is on display at Townhouse Concepts in Scottsdale, Arizona. This collaboration allows you to experience the quality and sophistication of our high-end artistic design in a furniture store setting, giving you trust and peace of mind that choosing Paul Rene to tell your story is a solid decision.


See our debut collection, KALLOS.



Welcome to Paul Rene. Custom-made modern furniture is deeply personal, so we eschew the traditional showroom because we do not repeat designs. The uniqueness of the luxury artistic and handcrafted furniture that we do for you reflects your oneness, which has no copy.

Understanding you best happens in your home, your showroom.

Virtual appointments are available. 602.282.3396